More About Me

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care” T. Roosevelt

Hripsime Yepremyan has been a proud homeowner in the City of Glendale for nearly a decade and her passion for real estate resulted from her experiences when purchasing her family’s first home. Since then, she has greatly enjoyed helping hundreds of people with the purchase of their first homes, utilizing her extensive knowledge of the mechanisms that underlie this substantial transaction to facilitate its completion in as timely a manner as is achievable. Although her formal education is rooted in musical performance as a violinist and educator, Hripsime’s exceptional understanding of the business and legal aspects of real estate has earned her entry in her lifetime clients' phone books as a consultant and confidant. This is because the industry has a great many agents, but only few are equipped with the expertise earned through years of experience to be able to handle situational variants of all kinds. Hripsime is among these few agents, who’s fully capable of handling any kind of transaction, regardless of complexity, and guarantees total satisfaction of her clients. When you hire Hripsime Yepremyan as your personal realtor, you are hiring a smart and motivated professional who spends her hours working hard for your benefit. Whether or not she is compensated for these hours of hard work is not always clear, but that does not stop Hripsime from working at her limit each and every day for all of her clients. “Day and night, a phone call away, working hard, each and every day!”